Yasou Greek Bistro (11121 York Road)

Next on the list of GoodEats, comes one of my all time favorites, Yasou Greek Bistro. Tucked away in a strip mall right by Hunt Valley Town Center. this restaurant is sure to not disappoint. The restaurant is very small, only having a few tables and an open kitchen in the middle. The first thing that hits your eyes and your nose is the large piece of lamb slow roasting on a spit. After waiting the anticipated 15-20 minutes to get a table, you are finally that much closer to feasting on some of the best Greek food Maryland has to offer.

Now the main event! The food! Yasou features very traditional Greek food with a flare. Including the Dolmades, a traditional Greek dish, featuring grape leaves stuffed with ground beef, rice, and a secret blend of herbs all served along side there homemade Tzatziki sauce (a creamy yogurt based condiment). Another one of their specialities would have to include the Chicken Souvlaki. Beautifully marinated chunks of chicken then grilled over an open fire served with homemade pita bread (to die for) and that special sauce all Greek food comes with, Tzatziki. Lastly, I need to highlight their Greek Salad, the main event, and ultimate side dish. Now I know I search high and low for the perfect Greek Salad, the one that features the ideal balance between tangy and sweet, salty and just a little bit of heat from the pepperoncini. Trust me when I say Yasou has the Greek Salad game down pat! Please do enjoy wisely,,, its addictive.

I hope you enjoy this restaurant, it is sure to leave you wanting more!

Until next time. I wish you GoodEats!


Dolmades – Grapevine leaves, stuffed with ground beef, rice, and herbs. Served with homemade Tzatziki.


Spanakopita a traditional Greek dish featuring layers of spinach, feta, and herbs baked in filo dough.


Pork Souvlaki Platter including homemade fries and Greek salad.

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