Umi Sake (9726 York Road)

So hopefully you all went out and tried my first recommendation, Mari Luna’s. If Mexican food isn’t your thing or you are looking for something a little closer, I have the solution for you – Umi Sake. Located off of York Road right past Padonia Road, it’s hard to miss the bright white sign. It’s set up just like any other Japanese restaurant; a few tables and an open sushi bar located in the front.

The kicker? The food is the real deal. Let’s start off with the sushi. They have all of your basic rolls (California, Spicy Tuna, Philadelphia, etc.) but what makes Umi Sake different is their specialty rolls. They have everything from a Umi Sake Roll (shrimp tempura roll topped with crab dip), to the Pretty in Pink Roll (crab meat, shrimp, and cucumber all topped with tuna and avocado and finished with a citrus sauce), to one of my favorites the Scallop Dynamite Roll (tempura cream cheese roll topped with spicy scallops and tempura flakes) which is unbelievable if I must say so. Not to mention the countless other cleverly named rolls including several Baltimore related names. And I must say, every roll is absolutely beautiful. Trust me on this one guys, you can Instagram them all. You can quote me on that!

Now if sushi doesn’t do it for you, you are in luck! Umi Sake puts out some of the best Chinese dishes I’ve had this side of the Atlantic. Some of the dIshes include an atypical Crispy Sesame Chicken, a spicy take on Kung Pao Chicken, a Roasted Whole Duck, and my absolute favorite, the General Tao’s Chicken.

I hope you enjoy this hidden gem as it is one of mine and my families favorites.

Until next time. I wish you GoodEats!Image

Shanghai Spring Rolls served with a house made duck sauce.


Spicy Kung Pao Chicken.


Spicy Titanic Roll featuring spicy crab, cucumber and wrapped with tuna and avocado, finished with citrus sauce.

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