The Dizz (300 W. 30th Street)

This quirky dive bar was my next stop on my list of GoodEats. Located right off of 30th street in Baltimore, this restaurant will keep you wanting more. The word quirky is defined as “an unexpected turn or twist.” Trust me The Dizz is definitely unexpected. When you walk in, all you can notice is the wide array of photos, ranging from historic Baltimore pictures, to Baltimore sports team and past celebrities. Then come the Christmas lights headlining the dim dining room, always on no matter the season. All that comprises this dive is a few tables on the bottom floor, a few additional upstairs and a long straight lined bar in the front of the restaurant.

Though the restaurant is small, the food does not disappoint, highlighted by their famous burgers. The first thing that catches your eye on the appetizer list has to be the mac n’ cheese bites (deep fried balls of gooey mac n cheese) and the crab pretzel (exactly what it sounds like, a soft-pretzel topped with cheesy homemade crab dip). The next thing I have to talk about was has to be the other sandwiches on the menu. Recommended was the French Dip Sandwich (roast beef with melted provolone and served with house made au jus). All of the salads won’t disappoint

Next, it’s only right to mention the undeniably outrageously good list of burgers. They are all hand packed and served on a huge sesame bun with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo. There are a slew of different types of burgers to choose from. Lets see…. To start off, I would have to recommend the Chesapeake Burger, which comes with crab dip and cheddar cheese, or the Brandied Pepper Burger with pepper rub, bacon and provolone cheese. Recommended to myself and acclaimed as the most decadent is the Italian burger with fresh mozzarella, dressing, and roasted red peppers. Whatever your fancy, all of The DIzz’s burgers are sure to make the next bite better than the last.

Please enjoy. This restaurant is the epitome of GoodEats. Once you’ve enjoyed The Dizz, you’ll be soon back!

Until next time. I wish you GoodEats!

Black and Bleu Burger - blackening spices, bacon, and bleu cheese

Black and Bleu Burger – blackening spices, bacon, and bleu cheese

Chesapeake Burger - crab dip and cheddar cheese.

Chesapeake Burger – crab dip and cheddar cheese.

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