The Corner Stable Restaurant (9942 York Road)

Here we go, boys and girls, for one of the mac daddies of GoodEats. If you like finger-licking-good barbecue, I have quite the restaurant for you. The Corner Stable Restaurant is located right off of York Road in Cockeysville, Md. It would be nearly impossible to miss the reddish barn-like restaurant with a blackish-gray roof. Plastered on the roof in huge capital white letters is the slogan, “Baltimore’s Best Ribs,” and they aren’t kidding.

The décor is nothing that special – a long bar located on the far left side of the restaurant and an array of booths and tables filling up the rest of the space. Televisions with sporting events and keno numbers round it out.

The restaurant is almost always packed – I guess that’s the tell-all about the food. You should expect huge portions and reasonable prices.

Enough babble, the food is the true showstopper. The menu is backed by baby back ribs, barbecue chicken, and colossal hand packed crab cakes. Make sure you ask your server about the specials, each day has a featured menu item at a discounted price (for those wanting big flavors, but not big prices).

I went to The Corner Stable with three of my friends on a weeknight for dinner. We had a small wait, so we had a seat at the bar to kill the time. It was about 6 p.m. so we indulged in a beer as we waited. Lucky for us it was happy hour and all of the beers were discounted, which was a great start to our night. After a short ten minute wait we were finally seated.

The menu may be overwhelming to those who have never been here before. Take my advice and go for the barbecue food. The proof is truly in the cooking. If you are utterly against barbecue, than be adventurous. I have had some seafood and a few sandwiches off of the menu and they are pretty good – not as good as the barbecue, but still very good.

My friends and I started off with the onion bloomer, which is just like Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion, just a little better. Also, please, please, please order the cornbread. You will not find it on the menu so you have to explicitly ask your server. It’s amazing.

Ok, now for the main course. I always get ribs here. It isn’t even a question anymore of what to get. They are exceptionally good. The Corner Stable’s baby back ribs just fall off the bone and have the most wonderful, slightly sweet, homemade barbecue sauce. Now, if you’re feeling up for it, go for the “Showstopper,” which is a half pound jumbo lump crab cake plus a full rack of ribs and your choice of two homemade sides. Average entrée price ranges from about $15 up to $30 for the Showstopper.

This brings me to our next order of business: the sides. A few of my favorites are: the stable fries, macaroni and cheese, and the onion rings. You’ll have to let me know about some of the others, as I don’t usually venture past those three go-to items.

If you are looking for a restaurant that you’ll leave with a belly full of good food and fingers still sticky from the tantalizing sauce, this is your place!

Until next time. I wish you GoodEats.

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Half Rack of the Baby Back Ribs

Half Rack of the Baby Back Ribs

Crab Cake served along side stable fries and homemade mac and cheese

Crab Cake served along side stable fries and homemade mac and cheese

Edited by Jared Kurlander.

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