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When you think of Las Vegas, gambling, partying, and all of the shows are atop of the list. When I think of Las Vegas, all that I’m worried about is the restaurants I have the pleasure of enjoying. Every block of Las Vegas Boulevard houses some of the most decadent and tantalizing restaurants your taste buds and stomach has ever enjoyed.

The restaurants of Vegas are highlighted by both hidden dives scattered throughout the strip turning out righteous food, and award winning restaurants that have the pleasure of having famous executive chefs no matter what your preference you are in for a treat.

I’d like to start talking about the hidden gems on the strip. One of my absolute favorites, Hash Hash A Go Go, is located in The Quad Hotel. This local favorite is open 24 hours and is known for it’s humongous portions and homemade eats. Highlighted by their award winning breakfast, you will be satisfied by whatever you indulge in. My recommendation is the homemade fried sage infused chicken, and beautiful fluffy waffles with a hot maple reduction. Wow! The burgers are just as beautifully presented as they taste, served as gigantic one pound patties, stuffed with fresh ingredients and accompanied by homemade french-fries.

Another breakfast hot spot is The Peppermill. This neon-lit diner has been voted best of Las Vegas year after year. Located right off the strip, the breakfast classics here are dynamite. The breakfast classics are all big portions and full of flavor. You have to try Munch’s Breakfast, a Peppermill classic. The dish includes every vegetable, incorporated into homemade hash browns and topped by two perfectly cooked eggs. You have to get one of their gigantic cocktails alongside whatever you choose to eat.

The last hidden spots I have to talk about are the numerous different burger joints tucked away off the strip. The ones that I had the pleasure to enjoy were Gordon Ramsay’s BURGR in Planet Hollywood, Mario Batali’s B&B in the Venetian, and BLT Burger in the Mirage. These three have countless flavorful combinations between hand packed patties, countless toppings and sauces and airy buns that serve as a vessel for these amazing burgers. If you are looking for a greasier and absolutely bomb burger, you have to go to Smasburger. Located a couple minute drive from the strip, these burgers are unreal. It’s one of the juiciest burgers I have ever had. Hands down.

Think of any famous chef you’ve ever heard of and I can almost promise you that this particular chef has an upscale restaurant in Vegas. Mario Batali, Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Thomas Keller, Tom Colicchio, just to name a few. Not to mention the countless other beautiful upscale restaurants throughout the Vegas strip.

Tom Colicchio’s Craft Steak in MGM Grand was unbelievable. White tablecloths, elegant food, and immaculate service backbones this James Beard award-winning restaurant. You have to try the Kobe beef so tender and juicy it melts in your mouth. The braised short ribs are to die for. They are slow cooked for 24 hours and are so tender that a fork can cut them. I can assure you whatever you choose will be beautiful.

Whether you are looking for a fancier restaurant or a cheaper place that still bangs out unreal food, trust me, Vegas has it all. Please don’t cut corners when you visit and go to big name chains. Save a couple extra bucks before your trip and indulge in some of the better, more unique spots.

Until next time. I wish you GoodEats!

Chicken and waffles from Hash Hash a Go Go

Chicken and waffles from Hash Hash a Go Go

Famous burger from Ramsay's BURGR

Famous burger from Ramsay’s BURGR

Munch's Special from The Peppemill

Munch’s Special from The Peppemill

Beautifully prepared mahi mahi from Joe's Stone Crab

Beautifully prepared mahi mahi from Joe’s Stone Crab

Buffalo Mozzarella from Craft Steak

Buffalo Mozzarella from Craft Steak

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