Papermoon Diner (227 W. 29th Street)

It was a lazy Saturday morning and my roommate and I were looking for somewhere a little different to go eat. I was in the mood for diner fare and didn’t want one of the usual suspects. After some short research, I came across my next GoodEat, Papermoon Diner, in Remington. The website reads, “Comfort food meets a Baltimore twist.” This was all I needed to get into my car and drive the short 15-minute car ride from campus.

I’m going to be honest, the restaurant is funky. The décor is eclectic. Once you open the door to the restaurant you are greeted by a huge collection of Pez dispensers. The dining room brought more surprises. The corner of the room housed dozens of mannequins and baby dolls caged in by the framework. Despite the very strange décor, the food and service was perfect.

The menu was huge and everything on it was screaming my name. I had to narrow it down to breakfast or I would have been looking at the menu for hours. Our waiter pointed out some of his favorites and then the decision was ours. We started off with Charlotte’s Web ($8.95): hand cut French fries drizzled with hearty gravy, Romano cheese and two runny eggs. They were delicious.

Deciding on my main entrée was a difficult decision. Our waiter had suggested the Eggs Benedict, Banana Foster French Toast ($12) and the Vanilla Custard French Toast ($12.5). I went with the Eggs Benedict ($11), which is served with your choice of ham, tomato, spinach, avocado, smoked salmon, or crabmeat. A toasted English muffin topped with poached eggs, avocado, and rich hollandaise sauce made this a scrumptious rendition of a classic. My friend went with the Vanilla Custard French Toast. The plate itself was a spectacle, with pinwheels of colors spewing from the French toast epicenter. The French toast was made with a homemade vanilla curd, blueberry syrup, and fresh blueberries. The dish was so good we were tempted to lick the plate.

Vanilla Custard French Toast. Photo by Taylor Seidel/ TU Student

Vanilla Custard French Toast. Photo by Taylor Seidel/ TU Student

The food, décor and outstanding service made Papermoon Diner a new favorite of mine. Welcome the unconventional décor and you’ll be rewarded with delicious food.

Avocado Eggs Benedict. Photo by Taylor Seidel/TU Student.

Avocado Eggs Benedict. Photo by Taylor Seidel/TU Student.

Until next time. I wish you GoodEats.

Edited by Jared Kurlander.

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