Breakfast: It’s What’s on the Menu

Welcome back everyone! I hope your first week of classes weren’t too bad. This week I am going to try something a little different.

Breakfast is huge here at Towson. We are lucky enough to have Towson Hot Bagels just a short five-minute drive from campus. Nothing against THB – I love it – but this week I want to introduce you all to a couple of other less mainstream breakfast places in the area.

First, I have to highlight Miss Shirley’s, located just 10 minutes away off of Cold Spring Lane. Now, many of you know about Shirley’s, but for some reason so many of you choose to not take advantage of this breakfast haven. The wait time on weekends can run you up a wall, but it’s worth every minute. Shirley’s takes a spin on classics by giving them a gourmet twist. The chicken and waffles served with jalapeno butter is outstanding, or try one of the fresh French toast, Belgian waffle, or pancake specials all smothered with fresh and exciting toppings (like berry sauce, chocolate chips, etc.). Miss Shirley’s is a little bit on the expensive side with entrees in the mid-teen dollar range. It is definitely worth the price, though.

It’s only necessary that I also talk about another bagel restaurant. Bagel Works has two locations, both off of York Road (1701 York Rd. & 11209 York Rd.). Fresh bagels, huge omelets, and plump tuna salad highlight the menu. The bacon, egg and cheese is my go-to and it does not disappoint one bit. The wait time is usually minimal, if any, and the prices are extremely reasonable.

The third and last breakfast place I need to introduce you all to is Greg’s Bagels, located in the hip and trendy Belvedere Square Market, a short distance off of York Road. If you are going to Greg’s you have to get either lox (smoked salmon) or the tuna/chicken salad served on a bagel. The smoked salmon is what I consider Greg’s highlight, featuring about a dozen different types. The bagels are huge and made daily. Not only are you paying for a great bagel, but also the experience. Greg is quite the character. Please remember to bring cash, as he doesn’t accept anything but cold hard cash and Rolex watches (store policy).

I hope you all enjoy these other breakfast restaurants. As I said before, by no means am I dissing THB. I just want you all to enjoy something a little different for breakfast.
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Until next time. I wish you GoodEats!

Bacon, Egg and Cheese on an Everything Bagel from Bagel Works

Bacon, Egg and Cheese on an Everything Bagel from Bagel Works

Chicken & Waffles from Miss Shirley's Cafe

Chicken & Waffles from Miss Shirley’s Cafe

Edited by Jared Kurlander.

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